SENiA Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company devoted to the development of electronic components and systems for the LED display manufacturing industry. Our company was established in 2007 by a team of experts in microelectronics with an extensive experience in mixed mode analog & digital integrated circuits design. SENiA Technologies is located in the Valencia Technology Park (Spain).


LED displays have been widely used for many years in a variety of applications like live events, sports stadiums or TV shows. However, overall cost and weight have prevented LED digital billboards from being the definitive outdoor advertising platform.


Pareo Modelleri



Our Technology provides the only effective solution for the implementation fully flexible and ultra lightweight LED displays, enabling end-users to install them in many high demanding applications where traditional displays can not be used because its heavy weight or simply because they do not fit into the final location. 




Our engineers have developed a completely new LED driver that enables customers to implement LED display in compact single board modules. We have integrated all analog and digital components necessary to manufacture these LED screens into an electronic device, thus reducing component count, system cost and manufacturing complexity. SENiA Technologies introduces the first single chip solution for LED displays. Our experienced IC development team can provide custom solutions or integrate any additional feature required by the customer.




“SENiA Technologies uses some of the today’s most advanced CMOS processes. Our R&D team combines an extensive expertise and strength in full custom design with the use of leading-edge IC design software tools.”