SENiA Technologies S.L. SENiA Technologies has finished the development of a revolutionary technology that allows for the first time the implementation of extremely lightweight LED displays particularly suited for outdoor advertising applications. The core of our application is a patented analog LED driver circuit. SENiA Technologies based displays can not be manufactured using conventional LED drivers so a new semiconductor device has been developed. This component not only includes the analog domain but incorporates all the digital and power circuitry required to implement a real single chip solution
The use of a high voltage process allows to minimize currents in the display power lines, reducing cabling cross section and elminating for the first time the need of AC/DC power supplies or expensive intermediate DC/DC converters within display tiles and cabinets. A sophisticated digital processing unit capable to generate display images without requiring additional external component on board has been included on chip. Our IC's are compatible with all LED types generally used in display applications, including THD, PLCC6 and common anode PLCC4 configurations. Our technology also supports the implementation of muliplexed displays.